Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

Omg, I didn't think I was going to find anything from the Jason Wu collection this morning. So I woke up and was debating whether I should go or not. I'm glad I didn't hesitate too long and just got up and went! I definitely wanted the blue dress (shown below) and I am so happy that I got it! Then I saw the following pleated shift dress in the blush, black, and yellow color and had to have it! After looking at the handbags I wasn't really interested, except for a lace clutch and this one I got. I decided to skip on the clutch, because I could find something similar somewhere else. Overall, I am always obsessed with the designer collaborations Target offers! I cannot wait to wear these items in future ootd! Let me know what you got or wanted to get?
Thanks for your comments, and subscribing :)


  1. I got those two dresses as well---so pretty!

  2. I got that bag, too! I am so happy with it! I am waiting for the cat scarf, which I ordered online. I wrote about my experience at Target this morning along with a review of the collection. Enjoy your dress and new bag!

  3. I got that blue dress and really, really love it! The bag is adorable too - so chic and ladylike.