Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Keep calm and buy the shoes!

Keep calm and buy the shoes is my motto! Well not all the time, but this time I did it again. I am soo happy I was able to get these classy babies. These are the first Louboutins I ever craved, but if you all remember correctly my first pair were these (worn here).
I ordered these off of NeimanMarcus and I think it was a sign because I had received a coupon code (which doesn't happen often.)
I love all the classic collection of red bottoms, they can be worn from work to a bar if you wanted to. How would you wear them? I want the first time I wear them to be special.

If you are not subscribed to Gilt-subscribe! (They are having a sale on Louboutins!)

Christian Louboutin Simple 100mm (here)

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