Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Paradise for my shoes and purses

Not too long ago, I had shown you all how I had my jewelry arranged and such. Recently I bought these shelves and my hubby put them up just how I wanted them. I am always playing around with ways to decorate, and as my collection grows; I will have to modify it. I got inspiration from DulceCandy's closet, and from pictures I found online. I hope you all enjoy it :) Thanks for your comments and subbing! I am on twitter as well @glofashion
By the way: in case you were wondering, the shelves are the 9 cube organizers by Martha Stewart from The Home Depot!

The picture below shows my fav designer handbags in their dustbag. I placed them on the very top :)
As with the handbags above, I placed my fav shoes on the very top as well.
This is how I have some of my clothes arranged, but there is more where that came from! I am still brainstorming ideas on how to make it work better for me.

I don't have as many shoes and handbags as I thought I did :-(

I recently got this silver platter thing at a rummage sale, for .25!! I immediately thought of exactly where I wanted to place it, I used it to put some of my fav things!

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