Monday, March 25, 2013

Glitter and Florals.

Hey everyone, hope you all had a restful but eventful weekend. 
I was able to reunite with my parents and some friends over the weekend, which made it that much better. I love making new memories with old family/friends. 
I wanted to wear this shirt a little different (last time I wore a blazer over it.) Since it is so casual and boyish, I decided to add some glitter and florals! I can't be too boyish or simple (that's just not me.)
Thanks for visiting my fashion blog XO.

TeeReasonClothing (here)
JeansLaurenConrad (here)
ShoesElle (here)
Bow ringLaurenConrad (similar)
Spike Bracelet (similar)
Neon nailpolish (here)
White nailpolish (here)
NecklaceDIY (similar)

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